US airports lose 12,000 laptops every week!

A recent study revealed that about 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen every week at US airports, with LA Lax Airport having the highest number (1,200) going missing every week.

I’m baffled at how so many laptops can go missing! A laptop is hand-luggage. The only time your laptop is out of sight is when you are putting it through security check, or while you’re asleep; even then, the sheer quantity of laptops missing is beyond comprehension.

Apparently, the main problem has to do with people forgetting to repack their laptops after they’ve been taken out for screening. What world are you in to forget your laptop at a check point!? And how do the airport thieves flick your laptop at a security point!? Oh it’s because they are the security! Tutut.

Also, items in your checked luggage have a higher probability to get stolen, especially when your bag is not locked, which makes me wonder — are people checking-in their laptops!? If so, why? They are fragile, expensive, and often have confidential information!

Something else to add to the befuddlement: Over 60% of the missing laptops at the lost and found, are not being reclaimed. How lazy can you get!

Anyway, for those who need written advice on not losing your laptop while traveling, check out these tips from Network World.