Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations starts up season 4

One of the few reasons that I kept a television for so long was for Anthony Bourdain’s Travel and Food show No Reservations. Airing on the travel channel every Monday, No Reservations always seemed to me to be a real travel show, shot from the streets in places that you or I might visit, and for some reason, seemed to have a streak of authenticity and candidness to it. Perhaps that’s why it’s so popular among the young American demographic.

Regardless, we’ve nominated blogger Jeremy as our new Bourdain reviewer, so keep an eye out for his posts recapping the show every week.

If you want to get your Bourdain on before the episode tonight, check out the preview video kindly supplied by the PR engine at the Travel Channel — and keep an eye on Gadling — I hear we might get some sweet Bourdain schwag to give away to our loyal readers.