Open Skies: Return trip logistics

Commuting in from the furthest reaches of Paris into Orly only takes an hour or so, but make sure you schedule extra time to go through security twice (once at the gate) and immigration. Nine o’clock in the morning at Orly is a pretty busy time, so expect to wade through some traffic once you get into the terminal. Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated security line for first class passengers, so even if you splurged on the nice ticket, you’re going to have to sack up and wait in line like the other plebeians.

Check-in, as expected, was fluid and pleasant, with three idle agents waiting for me when I arrived 1.5 hours early. I had my boarding card within two minutes of showing my passport and had directions upstairs and towards the gate and departure lounge.

Because British Airways doesn’t have much of a presence at ORY, there isn’t a BA lounge in which to crash when you return to the airport, so Open Skies has an agreement with a local lounge to take care of its passengers. If you’re flying in Prem + or Biz (opposed to only Biz on the way out), you can access this lounge just before gate 10 in the departure area, just don’t get distracted by the dance party, like me, and walk past.

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