Heathrow’s new terminal losing almost 1,000 bags a day

Do you remember London Heathrow’s new terminal 5 that opened this year? It was supposed to be the crown jewel of Heathrow airport, with broad sprawling concourses, a host of restaurants and shops and top notch baggage handling.

While the terminal has had some serious teething problems, including hundreds of delays, cancellations and even some celebrity breakdowns on the first few weeks of operation, we though that things were starting to break in as the summer rush surged.

But a new report from The Daily Telegraph is saying that the airport is still having baggage issues and is losing nearly a thousand bags every day. I guess that there is still more work to be done on the new fancy pants luggage handling system.

Meantime, this is more reason to pack your luggage into your carry on if you’re flying through T5. Combined with the fact that more carriers are charging for checked bags, packing light is looking more and more appealing.

[Via UPI.com]

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