The world’s best hotels for an affair

Ah, the hotel, that most essential of components when you’re having an illicit love affair.

It used to be that cheaters headed to the so-called No Tell Motel, some seedy establishment tucked away down an alley or on some remote road, to do their discreet deeds.

But politicians and other power figures with means usually choose upscale hotels for their affairs. gives a nod to this fact with its list of the world’s 12 best hotels in which to conduct an affair. Of course, the list is somewhat arbitrary, but the criteria are consistent across the board: luxury, big beds and discretion (who’s going to catch you in Sardinia, after all?)

Now, Gadling of course does not endorse infidelity. But hey, if you’re going to do it, Concierge at least thinks you should do it in style. And who knows, maybe you’ve stayed at one or more of these for other reasons…

The world’s 12 best hotels for an affair

  1. Hotel Sezz, Paris
  2. Rock Water Secret Cove Resort, British Columbia
  3. Las Passion, Cartagena (Colombia)
  4. Lafayette House, New York City
  5. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands
  6. The Witchery, Edinburgh
  7. The Bungalows at Chateau Marmont, L.A.
  8. Su Gologone, Costa Smeralda (Sardinia)
  9. Anger’s Boutique Resort, Miami Beach
  10. Soniat House, New Orleans
  11. Angsana Riad Tiwoline, Marrakesh
  12. Ivy Hotel, San Diego (featuring king-size bunk beds!)
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