Digital Foci’s Photo Safe II keeps your photos out of harm’s way

Hands up if you ever arrived back home, only to discover that disaster struck and all the photos you took on your trip are gone.

It’s horrible, and I am speaking from experience. Nowadays I copy all my photos onto my laptop at the end of each day, and if I’m really feeling paranoid, I’ll even burn a spare copy of the photos onto a CD, “just in case”.

If you don’t like traveling with a laptop, or just need a one-click method of safeguarding your shots, then the new Photo Safe II by Digital Foci may be just what you need.

This $139 device (for the 80GB version, $189 for 160GB) accepts most storage card formats and copies them onto an internal hard drive. Photos are copied in just under 4 minutes per Gigabyte, which is a little on the slow side.

The display on the Photo Safe II is only for checking the copy status and the remaining free space, if you want to view your shots on the road, you’ll need something like this. The Photo Safe II copies everything it encounters on your card, including RAW photos or video clips.

Once you get back home, you simply copy the contents onto your PC or Mac. Battery life is around 80 minutes, which is quoted to be sufficient for 18 copies of a 1GB card. With memory cards dropping in price, I’ve noticed an alarming trend of a drop in quality, so a product like this really is worth its weight in gold.

The Digital Foci Photo Safe II is currently in stock and ready to ship directly from their web site.

(From jkOnTheRun via Engadget)