Daily Deal – Tumi annual summer sale

Today’s deal of the day is another luggage sale. Tumi is holding its yearly “Summer Sale“, and some of their most popular products are on sale for as much as 50% off.

Tumi products are not cheap, but when it comes to $300 luggage, there are 2 kinds of people; those who love $300 luggage, and those who laugh at those who love $300 luggage.

When your backpack, duffel bag or rolling case is also your home for most of the year, you learn to appreciate high quality luggage. If you have ever watched your suitcase come down the baggage carousel followed by your clothes, you’ll understand why I have been a happy Tumi customer for many years.

My poor rolling case has been around the world several times, but still feels brand new, give or take a couple of battle scars and about 40 airport security stickers.

Some of the highlights of the sale (in my opinion) are the Mulberry 22″ wheeled duffel for $199 (was $295) and this 24″ wheeled packing case for $229 (was $345).

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is a hot deal, unless you are looking for an overpriced $89 leather envelope or this $1200 suitcase.

All Tumi luggage comes with either 3 or 5 years warranty, and the first year is a full coverage which also covers accidental damage by the airlines. All Tumi luggage products include their free Tracer program which allows you to register the item serial number with Tumi, which could come in handy if it ever fails to arrive at your destination.

The Tumi summer sale lasts till July 31st and shipping starts at just $5.