Prague stag parties beware: New public drinking rules are in effect

Prague, the destination of choice for many a rowdy, drunken British stag party, is about three weeks into a public drinking ban at most of the major tourist spots in the city center.

The ban is aimed at the general public, not just stag parties, but anybody who knows Prague will tell you they’ll be the ones most likely to be stopped by police, along with, perhaps, the winos outside the Národní trida metro stop.

Anyway, some of the most popular sites/gathering spots in the city center around which public boozing is now outlawed, according to a recent article in the Prague Post, include: the National Theater, Národní street, the pedestrian Na P??íkop?? street, Wenceslas Square, Hrad?anské nám??stí, Kampa Park and Behind the Old Town Hall on Old Town Square.

Gadling’s Iva Skoch can breath a sigh of relief: It seems her beloved Zizkov neighborhood is outside the ban.

The drinking ban joins another ban on littering in the city center, also taking effect this month.

The real question is to what extent Czech police will enforce this, since they are not known to be, well, a real diligent bunch when it comes to enforcing laws like this.

I was in Prague this weekend, and my friend’s mocked the law. I also saw plenty of public drinkers, some walking right past police.