Transportation Security Administration investigating leaks about air marshals to CNN

Back in March, I posted on a news story that CNN broke that reported how the Transportation Security Administration’s much-vaunted air marshals were missing on most U.S. flights.

Now, the TSA is on the hunt for whoever leaked that information to the network.

TSA spokesman Christopher White tells CNN that an investigation is looking into the “possible unauthorized release of sensitive and classified information to the news media by covered parties.”

Here’s my question: If the TSA claims that the CNN report that less than 1 percent of U.S. flights have an air marshals on board is a myth, which it does, then would there exist sensitive and classified information to be leaked in the first place? Seems the TSA’s acknowledgment that there exists such information throws some benefit of the doubt to CNN’s reporting.

The TSA is busy talking to current and former U.S. air marshals to see if they spoke to the network. In one case, the TSA questioned a former air marshal who had received an e-mail from CNN on his personal e-mail account while he was away on a leave-of-absence serving in Iraq.