Drunken British women try to open door midflight — divert plane to Germany

It seems that every week these days another passenger is getting drunk on an aircraft and making a fool of him or her self.

This past weekend, two women returning from the hedonistic island of Kos to Manchester, England, were so drunk that they tried to open up the aircraft door to “get some fresh air”. They had apparently smuggled their own alcohol onto the flight then had been smoking in the bathroom before the incident occurred.

On being confronted with the crew, one of the women tried to strike a flight attendant with a vodka bottle.

As a result, the XL Airways flight with over two hundred passengers was forced to divert into Germany where officers were called aboard and the women were hauled off into custody. The BBC has some amateur video of the incident on there website, though it just shows a few seconds of people cheering when the women were led away.

The flight continued onto Manchester without the women, who are currently pending charges from the airline.