Airfare Specials Put Asia Within Reach

Even the most savvy Travelocity user is having a hard time finding airfare deals these days. The days of crossing the Pacific on a whim are all but over.

Now it’s still possible to book your flight, but only after you’ve taken a second job to cover the cost of the purchase.

Maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but you get the gist. Airfares ain’t what they used to be, and it’s getting worse. That makes finding a good deal like searching for a boarding pass in a haystack.

But however rare they might be, there are deals out there. There are even some that can put you in Asia for less than one grand.

Seoul-based Asiana Airlines is leading the pack when it comes to special offers. This Fall, they are offering plenty of sub-four-figure fares to destinations across Asia including Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Taipei. The catch: you have to take a weekday flight and your cities of departure are limited to New York, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco (plus a single flight from Seattle to Seoul). But on the positive side, Asiana is one of the few airlines rated 5-star by Skytrax. You won’t have any suspect airline meals plopped down in front of you en route and your might actually have enough leg room.

Searches of other airlines’ websites yield similar prices, but Asiana’s seem to cover the most destinations.

So, you see, there is no need to get that second job. Your evenings can still be spent planning your next trip to Asia (or in front of the TV).