Jerry Lewis nabbed at McCarran in Las Vegas for having gun in carryon

Entertainer and comedian Jerry Lewis was nabbed by the Transportation Security Administration at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, after trying to board a flight to Detroit last Friday with a gun in his carryon bag.

TSA screeners found the unloaded gun, a 22-caliber. Police detained and cited Lewis at the airport for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

A spokesman for Lewis, an entertainment icon in America, said the gun was simply a hallowed out prop gun that Lewis was carrying, along with other props, for his shows. The gun could not fire, the spokesman said.

Lewis said he did not even know the gun was in his carryon bag.

But it seems that police suspect something different. Police say the gun was registered to Lewis — which begs the question whether one registers a prop.

Lewis will have to show up for a court date in Vegas if he wants the gun back.

A police officer involved in the incident said if the gun was really a prop and could not fire, then Lewis could not be cited for carrying a weapon.