Robbers nab 3,000 British passports from security van

Ever wanted to become a British citizen? This just might be your chance.

A team of hijackers raided a British security van Monday morning and stole 3,000 blank British passports, each with a black market value of about US$3,400.

The driver of the unarmored van had stopped to get a newspaper chocolate when one of the hijackers jumped in his vehicle and sped off after assaulting a second security guard in the passenger seat.

British security officials say that because the blank passports contain a high-tech micro-chip, they will be useless for crossing borders. But some argue that even though they can’t be used to enter the UK, the fraudulent passports can be used abroad to open bank accounts, obtain employment, and enter foreign countries.

One government official assures the public that “there are steps being taken to stop the use of these particular passports,” but it’s difficult to imagine what those steps might include. Perhaps they can politely ask for them back?

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UPDATE: Police have arrested a man in conjunction with the theft.

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