Drunk man tries to steal jet fuel for his car

Here is a way to not combat high gas prices. Breaking into an airport to steal jet fuel for your car might seem like a good idea, but it’s one of those feats that gains notice–particularly if you’re drunk. At least at the Reid-Hillview Airport near San Jose, California, it does.

This past Sunday a 20-year–old man tried out that exact scenario, but to no avail. He was caught, arrested and charged with breaking into an airport, attempted theft, and to add insult to injury– driving while drunk.

According to the AP article, the plan was foiled before he ever cooked it up. It sounds like you have to buy the gas with a credit card to get it out of the pump.

If he had succeeded, he might have regretted the decision anyway. Unless he had a race car with a special engine, his regular car engine probably would not have liked the jet fuel diet. That’s what I found out when checked out the difference between jet fuel and normal fuel.