Struggling airlines close airport lounges

Scrambling to cut costs at every corner, airlines have now turned to their airport lounges as possible ways to save money.

If you’ve ever been walking through the airport and saw a business person on a Blackberry weaving through the crowd only to duck into a room labeled “Red Carpet Club” or “Admiral’s Club”, you know what I’m talking about. Airport lounges were created as a way to award elite and first class passengers for their business, make a little money on memberships and provide haven from the oft busy airport terminals that we deal with on a daily basis. For me, they’re a lifesaver, while others only view them as an extravagance.

Unfortunately, some of them just were not making enough money to justify their existence, so many airlines are closing their underutilized or overstaffed lounges. Delta just announced that it’s closing nine of its Crown Room Clubs, while United similarly is closing four. You can check out the UA lounges being closed here, while you can find the CRC’s that are still active here.

At the very worst, those who hold memberships to either clubs that are closing may be able to use partner clubs — holders of Crown Room Club cards should be able to get into other Skyteam lounges while United members can use Star Alliance lounges.

And if those aren’t an option? Try a magazine.

[Thanks to Moody75 for the link]