Daily deal – up to 40% off the SeV summer collection

My daily deal today is for the “Scottevest summer sale”. If you have never heard of Scottevest (SeV), let me give you a brief introduction to what they make.

SeV has created a lineup of clothes specifically targeted towards people who tend to carry (too many) gadgets and other items. Most of their products have extra pockets (as many as 25 of them), and some products even include what SeV refer to as a PAN – Personal Area Network.

The PAN is essentially a way to route your headphone cables inside your garment, without having those stupid wires get in the way when you run down the concourse trying to make your connecting flight. In every possible way they are the perfect garments for traveling in.

Every single one of their products goes way beyond just making you look cool. Take for example their “Ultimate Cargo Pants”, which are on sale for just $60. These pants look pretty regular on the outside, but hidden away are 14 pockets, including a key holder, battery holders and even an “airplane pocket”, which is located mid-shin and lets you access your gear when you are crammed between 2 people back in row 87.

The pants are Teflon coated, so when your seatmate spills his or her drink all over you, it should be a pretty easy cleanup job. Also if things get too hot, you can unzip the pants legs and turn them into ultimate cargo shorts.

Since summer is slowly coming to an end, SeV is offering a great 40% discount on some of their top selling products:

To get the discount, you’ll have to enter a “secret” coupon code at checkout. The coupon code is SUMMERSALE. All products ship for just $5 each. The coupon code is valid until Monday August 4th, or until they run out of stock of the sale items. To learn more about the other products SeV makes, be sure to check out their site.