Emirates A380 arrives in New York!

Dubai’s Emirates Airlines made its inaugural Airbus A380 flight into New York‘s John F Kennedy airport this past Friday, on what will now become America’s first regularly scheduled service with the the new two story jumbo jet.
Gadling was on hand to capture some sweet photos in and around the aircraft, as well as through a press conference detailing the coming Emirates events.

The airline plans to augment the current service (now on a Boeing 773) between JFK and Dubai with this aircraft in order to carry higher volumes to the booming Middle Eastern country. Eventually, they also plan on integrating A380 service to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Emirates is the second customer of the A380, following nearly two years of manufacturing delays and an initial round of deliveries to Singapore Airlines.

In a series of test flights out on the West Coast, the airline will be trumpeting their new expanded service over the next few days, so if you’re in California keep your eyes peeled for the behemoth overhead. While Gadling wont be able to make it out for the test flights, check in with The Cranky Flier at some point next week for the full scoop on in flight performance.

Meantime, check out Gadling’s photos of the aircraft and of the inaugural event and start saving your change for a ticket!