Greek man decapitates girlfriend, carries head around Santorini

Last week, Greece’s tourism minister sought to allay concerns about safety at many Greek resorts after what has been so far a tourist season marked with a lot of violent incidents. He vowed to look into measures to make resorts more safe from crime.

He hasn’t gotten to the picturesque island of Santorini yet, apparently.

Reuters reports that a Greek man on the island yesterday cut off his girlfriend’s head and then paraded around the tourist-heavy parts of the island carrying it.

Horrified residents and tourists watched as the man attacked police officers with a knife, then fled in a stolen police car before crashing into a motorcycle, injuring two women. Police finally apprehended him my ramming the police car.

Police said the man had psychological problems.

In a not-quite-related story of horror, a 40-year-old Canadian man named Vince Weiguang Li went berserk on a bus traveling from Edmonton to Winnipeg, randomly stabbing the man he was sitting next to, cutting off his head and hacking off pieces of him that police say they found him eating when they boarded the bus to apprehend him.

We live in a strange, strange world.