One too many: Drunk flight attendant causes six hour flight delay

I’ve heard of drunk passengers causing problems on flights — an acquaintance of mine recently wasn’t even allowed to board a plane because he had a little too much fun at the airport bar — but I’ve never heard of a flight attendant throwing back a few too many. Until now.

On Sunday a BMI holiday flight of 140 passengers, set to fly from Aberdeen, Scotland to Faro, Portugal, was delayed for six hours while the crew tried to find a replacement for a 24 year old flight attendant who had shown up to work intoxicated. The flight was scheduled to depart at 9am but was delayed when the attendant’s fellow crew members were concerned about her state and called the police. The police arrived at the scene and after a a failed breathalyzer test, arrested the woman.

Drunk flight attendant jokes just seem too easy. I mean, just imagine what the pre-takeoff security demonstration would have been like; those airplane seat belts are complicated enough when you’re sober. But still, it seems that maybe the woman had just a little too much fun the night before, and instead of a hungover day serving snacks, now she has to deal with the police. Bad luck.

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