One Wall Street Journal reporter’s rickshaw ride through India

If you’re looking for a fresh take on the Grand-Tour-Through-India travelogue, one with a heavy dose of culture (and even danger!), check out Niraj Sheth’s blog on his roadtrip by rickshaw through southern India.

What makes this blog–running until the end of this week–stand out is Niraj’s unique perspective as a Wall Street Journal reporter and in his own words, as a ABCD: “American-born, confused desis [slang for Indian].”

His commentary about how the local Indians view him is especially sharp, and humorous in parts. For instance, one mechanic, and he seems to need many, jabbers to a friend in front of Niraj, who has spoken Hindi throughout his life, “It’s amazing he speaks Hindi so well.”

The multimedia here is also better than most–make sure not to miss the photo slide-show and intro video below.