Eye-Fi user with a SmugMug account? Free geotagging and hotspot access!

This piece of news makes me giddy, as it involves 2 things I am pretty passionate about; the SmugMug photo sharing service, and my Eye-Fi wireless photo sharing memory card.

If you are like me, and use SmugMug for your photos, and an Eye-Fi card for uploading your pictures, then this piece of news is just for you – Eye-Fi will turn your regular card, into a card with the same features as their newest Explore card for free!

The Eye-Fi Explore card features free Wi-Fi hotspot access at any Wayport location for one year, as well as free geotagging of your photos using the Skyhook system. You can read more about what Geotagging is on the Eye-Fi site but in a nutshell, it involves adding some hidden information to your photos with the location the photo was taken. Once you return home, you can view your images online, and instantly see where you were when you took the photo.

To get these new features, you have to follow several simple steps:

  • Insert your Eye-Fi Card or Eye-Fi Share into the card reader.
  • Launch the Eye-Fi Manager and log into your account
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on Upload to Web
  • Select your SmugMug profile, and DELETE it (you will NOT lose any of your upload histories)
  • Click to Add another photo service
  • Notice how SmugMug is now at the top :-)
  • Select it, and enter your account credentials
  • Go back to Settings, and notice how now, you have Geotagging and Hotspots as new features on your card.
  • Navigate to Hotspots, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and activate it
  • Navigate to Geotagging, and activate it
  • If you’d like, navigate to Notifications, and 1 or more SMS’s or emails. This way, you’ll know when your Eye-Fi Card is uploading from open hotspots or Wayport hotspots (or at home)

That is all there is to it. Thanks to SmugMug and Eye-Fi for this free update!