Digitalize 1,000 photos for $50

All those Kodak 4×6 prints tucked away in who knows how many shoeboxes? You can finally scan them to your computer with a new service that costs pennies per print.

It’s the latest tip from David Pogue, the New York Times’ personal-tech columnist (he writes frequently about cameras, mobile gadgets, and other nifty tech stuff that flashpackers and the mobile traveler will be interested in; bookmark him).

Anyways, the service is called, straightforwardly enough,, and for $50, they’ll digital 1,000 of your prints, of all sizes. And as Pogue says, there’s no catch. Just lots of small print (much of which basically stipulates that you do most of the work in terms of sorting and organizing). He does a good job of running through the service here.