Travelon announces a lineup of TSA friendly laptop bags

Now that the TSA has come to its senses, and has relaxed the rules for getting your laptop through security, we are seeing more and more bag manufacturers introduce a line of luggage to help ease the process.

Previously, I had reported on new TSA friendly bags from Mobile Edge, and the newest contender is Travelon Bags.

The Travelon checkpoint friendly bag lineup includes 6 bags; a laptop protector, a laptop sleeve (in three sizes), a briefcase, a wheeled case, a backpack and a ladies brief.

The laptop protector is a one-size-fits-all sling with a carrying handle, for placing your laptop in an existing bag. The sleeve is a neoprene case available from small (for laptops up to 10.5″) all the way up to a large (for laptops up to 17″). The computer briefcase looks like most average laptop bags, but has a pull-out laptop sling which brings your laptop out of the bag ready for inspection, a similar feature is found on the laptop backpack.

The bags start at just $24.99 for the laptop protector, up to $189.99 for the wheeled laptop bag. The first of these bags should be available in early September.