St. Paul to Party All Night for RNC

If you are looking for an all night party, head for the Twin Cities next weekend.

Seriously. It’s the RNC, but even if you are affiliated with another political party, be it of the mainstream or fringe variety, it might be worth the trip.

In a bid to bring more convention dollars into the area, St. Paul’s city council decided to allow bars to stay open until 4 a.m. That’s two hours past the usual last call. The catch: the bars would have to pay a hefty fee to the city.

But, because there haven’t been many owners willing to pay, Saint Paul is consider lowering or even waving the fee.

Yes, you’re right. That means there will be plenty of places where you can play drinking games with Wolf Blitzer and hit on Mrs. McCain until 4 in the morning.

But the scene in MSP isn’t really about politics. It’s about more important things like patios, nice weather and beer.

The Twin Cities are full of beer lovers and therefore, a good brew is never far away. Sure, the hard bitten political journalists might stay with the usual low-ball of scotch, but there are plenty of spots with local microbrews and Belgian beers with easily mispronounced names on tap.

And, because it’s early fall, the weather is neither hot and mosquito-infested nor freezing. Drinking on the patio is a favored local pastime at places like The Happy Gnome (pictured). Hopefully, convention-goers won’t be taking over places like this. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll simply be joining in the fun.