Brook Silva-Braga on long-term travel and his newest film

Ever thought about taking a video camera with you on your next trip? Over at Brave New Traveler, Gadling alum and documentary filmmaker Brook Silva-Braga talks about the challenges of shooting video while on the road, why long-term travel isn’t so scary after all, and what his next video project is about. The interview is well worth a read.

Brook has done more to preach the benefits of long-term travel than just about anyone I know, and he sums up his argument for it thusly: “To me the most powerful evidence in support of long-term travel is this: I’ve never met someone who gave it a try and didn’t like it. It’s only people who don’t go who can list all the problems with it.”

For those wondering what Brook has been up to recently, you won’t be disappointed. Brook is following up his award-winning documentary A Map for Saturday with a new film called One Day in Africa, which is an attempt to “show a more nuanced version of Africa than the devastatingly dire or falsely hopeful stories we see so often.”

Brook plans on releasing that film in early 2009– we’ll keep you posted.

Read the whole thing at BNT here.