Dubai’s Burj skyscraper grows to tallest building on planet

If you’ve been following the construction of the Burj skyscraper in Dubai, things are coming to a head pretty quick. Many of the lower floors are now complete with glass detailing, while floors on the top seem to keep appearing. I say “keep appearing” because nobody really knows how tall the building will eventually be, nor what the developers have in mind.

What we do know is that the building recently passed the height of the KVLY tower in North Dakota, the tallest (albeit least exciting) free stranding structure in North America, and is currently rocking about 694 meters, or about a half mile, tall.

Who knows how long the Burj will keep its record for the world’s tallest building; there are already several planned structures in the middle east that would compete in height with this building, including the “Mile High Tower” planned in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Over at, our friends have put together a pretty comprehensive media site detailing the construction of the behemoth, including a wealth of interesting photos. Check out Gadling’s gallery of the Burj as well as interesting trivia at Burjdubaiskyscraper.


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