Big in Japan: Cirque du Soleil set to open at Tokyo Disney

On October 1, 2008, ZED will premier at the brand new Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

According to the official press release: “ZED is a living poem, a timeless evocation that draws on the Tarot and its arcana, an imaginary world that conjures the vitality of the human condition and holds up a mirror to our true selves. The central, larger-than-life character Zed represents all of humanity in all its guises, from wisdom to folly, from discovery to adventure.”

While Japan has previously hosted a number of Cirque du Soleil traveling shows, ZED is an original production that will have its world premier at Tokyo Disney. The show will also highlight the capabilities of the purpose-built Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo, the first dedicated venue for Cirque du Soleil productions in Japan.

Tickets are currently on sale in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and range in price from ¥9,800 (US$90) for regular seats to ¥18,000 (US$160) for center stage floor seats. Keep reading for more info…

Despite its humble beginnings as a performing troupe in Montreal, Canada, Cirque du Soleil or the ‘Circus of the Sun’ is currently a global entertainment phenomenon that draws in crowds of theatergoers from New York to Sapporo. Of course, the stage troupe’s premier billings are mostly located in Las Vegas, which is home to multiple permanent venues that open up to almost 10,000 people every night.

After the opening of ZED on October 1st however, the Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo will be able to give Sin City a run for its money. The purpose built auditorium, which is an architectural wonder in and of itself, will host an estimated 380 shows per year.

True to the Cirque du Soleil franchise, ZED will be characterized by its breathtaking stage antics, colorful costumes and orchestral performance, and will follow an abstract storyline incorporating both Western and Asian elements.

The show will focus on the title character of Zed, who turns to the world of the arcane for inspiration and connection. Throughout his magical journey, he comes across a cast of mythological characters from sphinxes to satyrs.

If you’re living and working in Japan, or you have plans to pass through Tokyo in the near future, don’t miss out on ZED.

Tokyo Disney Resort, which is actually located in Chiba city at Maihama station, is just a short ride from central Tokyo on the JR Keiyo Line. Come out for a dinner and a show, or grab a room at the adjacent Disney Ambassador Hotel and have yourself a holiday!

For ticketing information, you can contact the Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo Information Desk between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm at 0570-02-8777, or check out their English-language website at

(Special thanks to my Mom and Dad for scoring me a pair of highly coveted ‘O’ tickets – looking forward to the show!!)

** Images are courtesy of the WikiCommons Media Project **