Travel fight club: Fist fighting on airplane diverts flight. Any others?

Last month I wrote a post about Franz Wisner’s book, Honeymoon with my Brother, an account of two brother’s travel around the world that lasted for two years.

In contrast, there’s the story I read yesterday on Wallet Pop that illustrates the opposite of the brotherly love found in Wisner’s book. The two brothers that the Wallet Pop post refers to were duking it out on a JetBlue flight Saturday because one of them smoked in the airplane’s restroom. Now, that’s a reason to clock someone. These two brothers weren’t able to travel together for more than a few hours. Perhaps their book could be Travel Hell with my Brother and highlight all the sib trips that have gone wrong. It might make for great reality TV. Send the pair to various destinations and watch the sparks fly.

The result of the flight that was host to the seemingly endless brawl was a diversion to North Carolina. I’m sure the passengers have not finished telling tales about their trip to Florida. Travel Hell with Two Brothers

I know that flying can create stress between family members so I’m wondering what else led up to this. Or does this family actually live in a B-rate movie or have too many hours of watching Jerry Springer episodes under their belts?

The only time I remember people physically fighting when I’ve traveled, and I’ve traveled a lot, was a pushing, shouting and shoving match in a Greyhound bus line at Port Authority. The fight was between two unrelated people–also males. I attributed it partly to summer heat that makes people a bit crazy in New York. The other passengers in line stopped the fight by intervening and talking sense into the lunkheads who forgot that all they needed to know should have been learned in kindergarten.

Any great fights when you’ve traveled? Not yours, someone elses? The photo shows that a lack of sisterly love could apply.