Product review – iStik iPod Nano case

In this product review, I’ll be offering you a closer look at the iStik iPod Nano case. It takes a lot to get me interested in an iPod case nowadays, so rest assured that this case is different from anything you’ve ever seen.

The iStik case consists of three pieces; 2 parts form the case for the iPod itself, and the third part is a magnetic plate that holds the case in place on your jacket, shirt or pants or any other fairly thin object.

The case and back plate each have 4 extremely strong “neodymium” magnets, there is no clip on the case, so to attach it to yourself, you simply put the back of the case behind your garment, and the magnets hold the case in place. It’s a brilliant concept, and in the world of iPod cases, the first time I’ve seen this method used.

As I mentioned earlier, the magnets are extremely strong, and I had no problem keeping the case stuck in place on a shirt, or even a thin jacket.

The magnets themselves are very smooth, so there is no risk of damaging your garment. I’m not much of a runner, so I had to jump around like a maniac to mimic jogging, and no amount of action could dislodge the case. The back plate is also quite smooth, so when I attached it to my t-shirt, having it on the inside did not bother me that much. It would have been nicer if they had made it out of a softer plastic.

The advantage of being able to stick your case where you want, is that you actually can stick it anywhere you want. You can stick it on your sleeve, or even on your collar if you want it at eye height.

The case itself covers the screen, and leaves an opening for the scroll wheel, the bottom is also open for access to the headphone jack and docking port.

The maker of the case warns against using it if you have a pacemaker or ICD, and with magnets this strong I’d also suggest keeping it far away from your wallet or hard drive, the magnets can not damage flash media, so your iPod Nano is perfectly safe.

The iStik case is currently available for the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Nano. The 2nd generation Nano case costs $19.95 and the 3rd generation case is $26.95. Both models ship for free, including orders to international destinations.

The iStik cases are available from the manufacturers website.