Snow-rocks (too large to be called hail!) fall in Madrid. In September!

Yesterday was a normal day; one of those summer-ending-autumn-starting type days. Although a little gloomy, it was still warm, I walked around in shorts and flip-flops. Then at night, to everyone’s shock and scare, rocks of hail hammered the city. Yes, ROCKS. The picture here is from my balcony. I’m not exaggerating when I say that a lot of the hail falling was larger than walnuts. Imagine 10 people targeting your window at the same time with rocks, that’s exactly how it felt. If anyone was walking on the road at the time, they would have been seriously injured.

Snow is not normal in Madrid. It does hailstorm occasionally, but the normal rice-like hail. Accompanied by severe thunder and lightning, this was like nothing I’ve seen before. Ever. And it’s September for goodness sake! You can see some more photos here.