Next time you see Kanye West at the airport, don’t take his photo!

Rapper Kanye West was arrested at LAX airport this afternoon, after a fight involving someone taking his photo, and a reporter with a video camera.

The altercation started when someone took a photo of the rapper, and then refused to hand over his camera when the bodyguard decided that nobody could take photos. The bodyguard then grabbed the camera, and smashed it on the terminal floor.

To make matters worse, Kanye West then spotted the journalist with his video camera, who had captured the entire incident on tape, and when he refused to hand over the camera, that one got smashed too!

Both Kanye West and the bodyguard are being held on a $20,000 bail. Of course, after seeing the video of the battle, I can’t help wonder why anyone would pick today of all days to start a fight in an airport. Seems like a really stupid thing to do. already has the video online, as well as a link to the LAPD booking sheet.