Daily deal – “Otto” active noise canceling headphones

My daily deal for today is perfect for anyone looking for a pair of noise canceling headphones. The “Otto” headphones on sale at sellout.woot.com may not be an A name brand (or even a B or C name brand for that matter), but the price can’t be beat: $9.99 and $5 for shipping.

The headphones run off a regular AAA battery for up to 60 hours, and reduce ambient noise by about -13dB. Included with the headphones is an airplane adapter (for those rare aircraft that still use a 2 prong plug), and a carrying pouch.

The headphones come with a 1 year warranty, and you can purchase them through the Woot! sellout store at shopping.yahoo.com. Simply click on the Yahoo! shopping link, then in the middle of the page you’ll find the Woot! Sellout ad for today.

As with all Woot! deals, the headphones could sell out at any moment, and at the end of the day, the deal is gone.