Should airlines filter their wireless?

Now that airlines have started broadcasting wireless internet in their aircraft, people are starting to get concerned about the “content” that gets piped into the aircraft. And by content I mean porn.

Seems that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of rampant browsing with 200 people around you to look over your shoulder. A casual concern for a few people, but now The Flight Attendants have decided to weigh in. In letters to management this past week, the union representing American Airlines‘ crew has requested filters be added to flight Wi-Fi in order to prevent illicit browsing and other chicanery.

Their reasoning is that they’re already busy enough taking care of passenger and flight needs — they have neither the bandwith nor the responsibility to police passengers.

Personally, I could go either way on this. I tend to think that we as Americans don’t need to be nannied and should be able to handle ourselves properly — not all cafés, libraries and offices are filtered, right? But in the other light, I don’t care if clearly illicit sites are blocked — I wouldn’t be going there anyway. I think what most people are worried about is if the nannying gets too far; if and get mistakenly blocked because Britney got pregnant again, then people might get mad.

So it doesn’t really matter to me. What about you?