10 hilarious bathroom signs

The bathroom often seems to be a great source of amusement.

Different signs around the world are usually poorly translated, with pretty hilarious results. Other signs are just plain weird, or have been defaced by folks with a healthy combination of humor and boredom. I have collected 10 signs that grabbed my attention.

We can not allow you to use the bathroom!

Can’t find anywhere to pee? Blame the terrorists. Photo taken at the American embassy in Tokyo.Good old Engrish bathroom sign

It has separated! Don’t mistake!

Presented without comment…

Really, what could I possibly add to describe this fantastic Chinese bathroom sign?

Even Lego minifigs need to relieve themselves!

From the bathroom door at the Legoland Discovery Center

Wash those genitals!

Sure, it is probably (hopefully) a joke sign, but it made me chuckle.

Please use butt to flush!

Ahhhh…. Nothing says “fun” like some juvenile humor and a black marker….

Girl’s what?

Bad grammar is everywhere, but this sign is on the bathroom wall at a school!

Aliens do number 1 and 2, just like us!

This sign is found at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, Washington.

It took me some time to figure this one out…

This sign is from a bathroom in Turkey, and no matter how often I look at it, I can’t figure out exactly what they are trying to tell me. It appears they are just trying to say that this is the way to the male and female bathrooms.

A lesson in hand washing

No offense, but if you work at this company and need a 6 step lesson on how to wash your hands, you might want to ask yourself whether you made the right career move.