Photo of the Day (9-24-08)

I picked this photo because it encapsulates the very points that makes travel so incredibly interesting. It’s those details that make you shake your head and say, “What were they thinking?” And you have no idea what they were thinking because people don’t always think alike. What makes sense to the people who live in a particular country can seem stupid to those not from there–or at least nonsensical–except that it could make sense. Kind of.

According to Damiel who took this picture, this billboard is on the hotel building where he was staying in Bratislava. His room is behind the letters “o” and “u” in “navigáciou.” I wonder if that means that he could look out through the “o” and the “u”? Or were the windows covered over? Either choice seems odd.

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By the way, I’m dedicating this Photo of the Day to my fellow Gadling bloggers. It’s an inside joke.