Race across Europe with nothing but Redbull

You know those television shows where they drop teams off in the middle of nowhere and they have to race across the world with nothing but their wits and trickery to get them by? Well Red Bull might give you the chance to live that dream using your wits, trickery and…. Red Bull to get you across Europe.

Later this month, the German Austrian company is sponsoring an event where 250 teams of three students will race across Western Europe starting in various destinations and headed towards Paris. Teams will be stripped of cash, credit cards and cell phones and instead will be given, you guessed it, Red Bull as currency. Along the way they can stop at various checkpoints to pick up more of the energy drink with which to barter, and in the end all teams will be judged not on time, but on creativity and adventure incurred on the trip.

The first question that comes to my mind is how much Red Bull a team can carry to trade for anything of value. I imagine any serious transaction would require at least a case. Are there also trucks of Red Bull following these students around?

Either way, the journey sounds incredible. Unfortunately, Redbull is no longer taking any American teams. If you can finagle your way onto a foreign team or convince Redbull to let you in though, give it a shot. I wish I could do it. Check out the contest page at redbullcanyoumakeit.com.