What happens in Dubai stays in Dubai (Dubai’s jails, that is)

Just read an interesting dispatch from Britain’s The Observer on the recent jailings of expats in Dubai. We’ve covered Poppy-gate and other unfortunate brushes with the law in Dubai, but this article really gives you a clear picture of the two worlds in this emirate: the intolerant Islamic society backed by Sharia law and the Wild West of Britain (and plenty of other nations looking to capitalize on the Middle East).

Surprisingly, what many of us do not hear about are the quintessential subdivisions and shopping malls that seem to be lifted straight out of Middle America. Granted, there are plenty of weird and awesome hotels down the block. I’ve been thinking about moving to Dubai for a year or two–seems like a good jumping off point to the Middle East–but given the unfortunate legal tangles recently, maybe I should reconsider?