Belkin announces a lineup of “netbook” cases

There is no denying it; the netbook is the new hot seller in the world of portable computers.

For those that have not been paying attention; a netbook is a small notebook with a screen between 7 and 10 inches, often running a slim version of Linux or Windows XP.

The craze started last year with the Asus Eee PC, and currently every major PC maker has at least one netbook in their lineup. Netbooks even make up 15 of the top 20 selling computers on at the moment. With prices as low as $300 and at around 3 pounds, they are the perfect machine to carry on a trip.

One thing that was missing for the longest time, were accessories for these computers. Most netbook users had to improvise using portable DVD player cases or even a toiletries bag. That has now changed, thanks to a new lineup of netbook cases from Belkin.

The Belkin 7″ laptop cases are, as the name implies, designed for most small netbooks like the Asus Eee. There are 3 different 7″ cases, available in up to 4 colors per model. The first case is a fairly basic neoprene case, the second case is a very cool looking carrier with 2 large handles and the third one is a “quilted” carrying case.

The neoprene case retails for $19.99, the other 2 cost $29.99. Belkin even designed some portable computer accessories in matching colors, like this mouse with retractable cord ($14.99) and this wireless travel mouse ($24.99).

The accessories are currently listed as “coming soon” on the Belkin web site, but I have noticed that many Target stores have them in stock along with the $299 Asus Eee 900 that hit Target shelves last week. If you carry a netbook, and would like to keep it shiny and new, then I highly recommend placing an online order, or popping into your local Target store to check them out.

Update: A quick word of warning for those planning to purchase these cases for the Acer Aspire One netbook; the machine will not fit! The same probably goes for similarly sized machines like the MSI Wind, Lenovo S10 and the HP Mini-Note.