Iceland’s economy turns away from finance to —- tourism!

With the financial sector steadily imploding, Iceland is in a bit of trouble. As Aaron wrote about earlier this week, much of the Atlantic island’s economy was built upon credit and finance, and now that those industries are failing, the country needs extra income to keep up its highbrow status.

And where else can you quickly reap foreign investment but in tourism? Iceland Air, long one of the premium transatlantic carriers (if you want to stop in Reykjavik) is leading the charge to get American dollars by offering some killer fares to the North Atlantic this winter. Book by October 21st and you can get cheap round trip tickets from New York or Boston to the Icelandic capital for only $400 plus tax.

Add the fact that the dollar is suddenly making a killing in Iceland (as of this morning, 222 Krona to 1 dollar, from 80Krona a couple of weeks ago), and you could have a pretty nice inexpensive vacation on your hands.

Check out Icelandair’s website for further details on the deal, and while you’re in town make sure to check out the ice ring road, blue lagoon (pictured) and drink with some vikings.