Blogger Mike Barish

Where was your photo taken: At a shop in Nakano Broadway market in Tokyo, Japan. This tiny umbrella was the most logical product that was sold there. This may have been the least.

Where do you live now: New York City. Manhattan to be specific. Lower East Side to be even more specific. Apartment 8A to be creepily specific.

Scariest airline flown: Royal Air Maroc from Madrid to Marrakech. Way more lateral movement on the runway than I am comfortable with.

Favorite city/country/place: Wow, how do I pick just one? Absolutely loved India for the people, the food and the energy. The sooner I can get back to India the happier I’ll be.

Most remote corner of the globe visited: The rocky beach of Vik, Iceland. Looking out at the North Atlantic, you feel alone on that strange volcanic island. Those vikings were brave motherfu…uh, sorry.

Favorite guidebook series: TimeOut and it’s not even close. Useful advice and more than just generic tourist hot-spots. Helps keep me away from the fanny-packed socks-with-sandals crowds.

Hotel, hostel or other: Apartment and I don’t even consider anything else to be a viable option. Apartments let my friends and me stay in local neighborhoods, come and go as we please and immerse ourselves in the local culture. And having a kitchen saves money and allows you to cook like a native.

The most unusual food you’ve ever eaten: How do I pick just one? Fermented shark, smoked whale and horse steaks (Iceland). Chicken and horse sashimi (Japan). Paan from a street vendor (India). Pig brain (Puerto Rico). And Lunchables. What’s up with those things?

Worst place to catch a stomach bug: Um, anywhere. It’s a stomach bug. Diarrhea knows no boundaries.