Yet another TSA failure – missing uniforms and badges

Several days ago I wrote about a TSA inspector who was helping himself to expensive items from our luggage. And today, a report issued by a government watchdog agency reveals that TSA staffers also seem to be pretty lax when it comes to items provided to them by their employer.

One of the most startling pieces of news in the report is that ex-TSA workers are not always returning their security badges, which can be used to enter “sterile areas” of the airport. They are also frequently keeping their uniforms. Amazingly, the TSA does not always seem to be in a hurry to get them back.

To me, this news just adds to the incompetence that is the Transportation Security Administration. In any corporate environment, access badges are linked directly to the HR system. When a staff member is terminated, or leaves the company, their badge has to be returned and it is deactivated. I find it beyond comprehension that ID badges used by people with access to the airport are not controlled by a central organization or that they don’t get the police involved when badges or uniforms are not promptly returned.

At the same time you and I are being searched for illegal bottles of water and nail clippers, there are TSA airport ID’s and uniforms unaccounted for. Forget the threat from the traveling public, before you know it we’ll need a TSA for the TSA.

As usual, TSA chief Kip Hawley is taking matters “seriously” and he announced that the “TSA shares the interest in improving their processes”. Thankfully there is some legislation in the pipeline that should increase oversight of who gets into the airport. In light of recent events, I also hope they take a close look at what gets out of the airport.

Souce: USA Today

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