Favorites from Gadling’s birthday giveaway

As I’m sure you’re well aware at this point, we’ve been hosting a birthday giveaway for a free pair of tickets to Amsterdam. Nice tickets. And we’ve been asking commenters to tell us “what they would do” in Amsterdam as their form of entry.

Obviously we’ll be picking the winner out of a random number generator and can’t give any special preference to friends or witty comments. But sorting through some of the comments today in preparation for contest closure, I did find a few that gave me a tickle.


” If I won these tickets I’ll spend all my time in the red-light district staying at a dingy hostle. I’ll stroll the streets, collar turned up against the cold, looking at the women of ill-repute and wondering what it is in me that would never let me even consider paying for sex? Is there some gene that didn’t get turned on? Is there some gene that did? I’m sure to be attracted to the red-light women, assuming I’m walking down a “good” street, but this won’t play into my decision to walk on by; it’s as if I was born with a sexual desire firewall in place that even I can’t hack. I guess this is a good thing though. Besides, this’ll only give me more time and money to spend in the coffee houses enjoying the different varieties of coffee. I’ll pass the chilly afternoons in a gray haze considering history and philosophy, as well as numerous deep questions: does God exist? Do we really have freewill? Who invented liquid soap and why? I’ll also focus on the 4 spectacular years of Gadlingosity that have led me to this place in time – tears will fill my eyes – and for one brief moment all will be right with the world. “
“Gadling I sent this email and never recieved confirmation. Please look for it thanks. Flying Gadling is always a happy experience, so I hope your 5th Birthday is as happy as you make all your passengers. I would love to use the tickets to take my husband to amsterdam, on our 45th wedding aniversary. This is the place of his anscestry, He always wanted to go. Life is about coming full circle, and what better of a way than to have life come full circle from California to Amsterdam than with Gadling. Thank you so much for making life worthwhile for so many. “
“If I won 2 first-class tickets on Open Skies, I would definitely ponder what “Gadling” actually means. Maybe it would be best to eat a slice of “space cake” at one of those Amsterdam bars again and plan how to best explore the new wonders of Europe. “

Gadling’s OpenSkies contest wraps up at 5PM today. If you haven’t entered yet, now’s your chance.