Blogger Annie Scott

Where was your photo taken: LaGuardia Airport. Delayed.

Where do you live now: New York City, Upper West Side.

Scariest airline flown:
I once flew on a nameless airline from the top of a mountain in Africa down to Dar es Salaam. I was scared because it had a propeller, and that just makes me think of after-school cartoons like Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and Duck Tales. Remember Launchpad McQuack? Totally not cool, guys.

Favorite city/country/place: I love Minneapolis, which is my hometown. It’s a beautiful city all built up around lakes. Genius. Word to the wise: it’s not cold there all the time; they have all four seasons and each is gorgeous. Winter just happens to be long and made of freezing pain. I assume that when the settlers passed through there and decided to build, it was summer. When winter came, they must have been like “oops…I blame you, Sven.” I’m also a big fan of Manhattan, which is why I live here, and the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen were in Scotland.

Most remote corner of the globe visited:
I guess the Ngorongoro Crater.

Favorite guidebook series: Guidebooks? I’m more likely to pick up brochures for local attractions at my hotel, or ask around for what’s cool to do. I know there are really good guidebooks out there, but I’m like a man in some ways. I have trouble confessing I don’t know where I am.

Favorite tourist trap: Broadway. The Great White Way is crawling with tourists like a virus, and they all stop walking randomly in the middle of the street, but the shows are worth it. Okay, the shows are often worth it.

Dream travel destination: Bimini Island. It’s where Hemingway used to hang out and write. I want to go there and scuba dive with dolphins and look for Atlantis.

The first thing I set out to pack is…The perfect dress for a night out in [place]. Then I get there and buy something else I wear instead. It’s sort of tradition.