How to pack for a 5-day trip in a carry-on bag (laptop and video camera included)

How to take as much as you like in your hand luggage from Matador Network on Vimeo.

Packing is a one of the subjects we watch closely here at Gadling. This time last year we posted a series “What’s in Your Pack?” dedicated to the art of carrying belongings from the people who know a thing or two about schlepping goods.

Every once in awhile, someone drops us a comment about a packing tip we haven’t thought of before. That’s what happened when Benny Lewis’s video “How to Get as Much as You Want into Your Carry-on Bag” posted at Traveler’s Notebook captured our attention–at least it did mine.

Lewis, “an Irish polygot and a freelance translator” demonstrates his packing techniques, a couple that I’ve used to keep down luggage weight. Wear your heavier clothing, for example. Heck, wear most of your clothing. As he points out, body weight does not count as extra weight, so go for it.

My most favorite tip is the one Lewis presents at the end of his video. He has a creative, although a kind of weird way to bring your towel along. It has something to do with superheroes.

On second thought, Lewis’s method could come in handy for doubling up as a blanket since it’s becoming harder to find one of those on an airplane.