Paris says no to crime, going to quadruple number of CCTV cameras

Paris, in an apparent effort to reduce crime, has taken a page out of London’s book and decided to step up installation of CCTV cameras around the city. According to the Telegraph, while the Paris metro and rail networks already operate over 9,500 cameras, police apparently only have access to about 330 of them. They hope to install bunches more to bring the total up to over 1,200. (France’s 340,000 cameras still pale in comparison to Britain’s estimated total of four million.)

Officials want to beef up security outside Gare du Nord, where the London-Paris Eurostar arrives, where there have apparently been a number of gang battles over the past few months. Also on the target list for more camera coverage include Sacre Coeur and Montmartre. Interestingly enough, French security officials also hope to deploy a mini spy-in-the-sky drone to track rioters and fight crime. Hopefully we’ll get more on that story soon.