Woman: The TSA broke my ankle

A Washington state woman is on the hunt for a lawyer to go after the Transportation Security Administration, after screeners at the Pasco, Washington airport made her remove a foot brace she was wearing for a sprained ankle.

Screeners at the airport not only made her remove the brace — apparently against regulations — but then made her balance on one foot, then the other.

The woman, Lona Dunlap, had a sprained left ankle and had been told to keep off it.

It seems that the screener asked her, essentially, to prove it, which is why Dunlap was forced to do the one leg shuffle.

Visiting two doctors after the incident, Dunlap claims her ankle now has two fractures.

“Then she made me lift up each foot individually and put all the weight on it. It was incredibly painful,” Dunlap tells KEPR TV out of Pasco.

According to the TSA Web site, screening regulations do not require the removal of leg or foot braces, but rather screeners are required to swab those braces down for explosive traces.

A TSA spokesman out of Spokane told the television station that the agency is looking “seriously” into the matter, including reviewing video of the encounter.