Last chance for your photo op with Sarah Palin in Brooklyn this weekend!

Sarah Palin has already come and gone to New York City, but you can still take a picture with her at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition if you visit by the end of this weekend.

Artist Dawn Robyn Petrlik created “Photo Op with Sarah Palin” after she saw a newspaper photograph of the vice presidential candidate posing with her daughter and a dead caribou. Now visitors to the display can suit up in a faux fur vest, grab a prop rifle, and pose with the Palins.

The piece has drawn visitors from both the left and the right. While Palin supporters happily pose with the display, many of her critics pose with their rifle pointed at her. Petrlik put a price tag of $12,500 on the piece. She says that way if it pisses someone off and they want to take it down, they can buy it from her.

“Photo Op with Sarah Palin” has been on display since September 13th, but it’s coming down this Sunday, so your opportunity for the photo op won’t last long. If you get a good shot, feel free to share it with us in the Gadling Flickr Pool.