Daily deal – Dash Express connected GPS unit – $199.99

My daily deal for today is for the Dash Express connected GPS device. This GPS unit is different than any other unit I’ve ever mentioned here on Gadling.

Inside the Dash Express is essentially a mobile phone, and with this, you are always connected to the Internet (as long as you are within coverage).

By being connected, the Dash Express constantly receives updates about traffic on your route. It receives this information from a variety of sources, including fellow Dash Express users. This feature makes the Dash Express the only GPS unit on the market that can report traffic on ALL roads, not just the major highways.

In addition to traffic information, the Dash Express also offers an online address search feature (through Yahoo), plus you can send an address from your computer directly to your car (Imagine not having to write down addresses before you leave!). The unit also has access to real-time local gas prices and movie times. To make the connected services even better, you can add “Dash Apps”, which are user submitted online searches. Dash Apps add powerful features to the Dash Express like speedtrap reports, local weather, and even local online Wikipedia searches.

In addition to the connected services, you also get text-to-speech for spoken commands, 3D map views, a theft deterrent option and an automatic day/night screen setting.

The Dash Express even allows you to “phone in” your destination with TellMe or 1-800-DIRECTIONS and have the address sent directly to the device!

The Dash express launched earlier this year for $399, but for just one day you’ll be able to pick one up for just $199.99.

There is of course one minor caveat; you will need a monthly subscription in order to use the online features. Subscribing is optional, but without the connected Dash services, the device is just another GPS unit. Subscriptions start a $12.99, and drop to $9.99 when you pre-pay for 2 years.

The Dash Express is on sale at Amazon.com, and ships for free.