Your tax money at work – Sacramento airport to build a $767,000 giant red rabbit

Can you think of a better way to welcome arriving and departing passengers than a 56 foot red fiberglass rabbit?

Well, apparently neither could the board of Sacramento airport.

Sacramento officials just approved the construction of this piece of art which should look like a rabbit jumping into the terminal building towards some stone suitcases.

The rabbit’s creator is artist Lawrence Argent, who is also responsible for the giant blue bear horse at Denver International Airport.

The total cost of the artwork is a staggering $767,000, but of course that number is tiny compared to the $1.3 Billion spent on replacing the aging Terminal B.

Personally I’ve always been a fan of most airport artwork, but like all art, it’s a very personal thing, and I’m not sure everyone will be thrilled by the sight of a giant red rabbit.

Of course, don’t fly to Sacramento expecting to see the rabbit any time soon; the project won’t be completed until 2011.

Update: Reader Matt points out that the sculpture at DIA is actually a horse, the giant bear is at the Denver Convention Center. Thanks Matt!