“Obama: The Musical” to play in Kenya

Think front-running presidential candidate Barack Obama is popular in the United States? In Kenya, home of Obama’s father, Obama is absolutely beloved, so much so that a theatre company in Nairobi is currently presenting the hagiographic show “Obama: The Musical.”

The musical, which debuted yesterday and will run through November 5, tells the story of Obama’s young life and his eventual political career. The actors involved in the production are virtually all rabid supporters of Obama, even the actors who play the show’s villains, John McCain and George W. Bush.

The actor playing McCain says he would have preferred to play Obama: “Obama is more fun to portray than McCain,” he says. “I hope he will win.”

The show’s director, George Orido, says he has already received invitations to perform the show in South Africa and the UK.

[via Chris Blattman]